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Add a personal touch to your party photos in less than a minute! A Photo Booth Backdrop is literally at the center of your event. It’s way easier to pose when you’re prompted to do so by an inviting and amazing background.

Choose a backdrop to match your event’s theme, colors  or even have a backdrop custom designed for you! Your guests will love creating memories in front of your photo booth background! All of them are premium photo booth backdrops (they are not transparent – so that the light doesn’t come through) with unique characteristics like: wrinkle free fabric. We also use some sturdy backdrop stands, that supports the weight of the backdrop, and is can not be easily tip over (especially when somebody steps back into the background). We usually recommend seting-up the backdrop in front of a wall, so that the photo booth can be easily accessed from both sides. A corner of a room might work fine as well. The size of the photo booth backdrops is 8×8 so that bigger groups of people can fit in the same photo comfortably.

The Venue’s wall, or a DIY Photo Booth backdrops might also be a great idea. Don’t worry, we spent hours browsing Pinterest and finding the best ones, which we pinned directly on our Pinterest Board. Be realistic as to what you are able to do. Some of this options look simple but can actually be very time consuming. 

The following are some of the most popular and eye-catching photo booth backdrop choices available today. We are constantly adding more. 

You don’t know which one best fits your event? No problems, we are here to help… just contact us by clicking the button below.

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