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Social Booth - In Light Photobooths

Social Photo Booth

Equipped with a high-quality LED light, a wide range of filters, and an amazing assortment of digital props, the Social Photo Booth is defined by its next-generation digital flair! Crack up while creating hilarious images with friends and loved ones, but don’t stop there. The Social Photo Booth allows guests to create cutting-edge GIF’s and BOOMERANGS, and to share their favorite shots immediately via email or text. Additionally, this ipad booth features a streamlined set-up that requires minimal space, and can be run with, or without, a professional attendant. Get social with one of our most cutting-edge photo booth options!

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Luxe Photo Booth

You’re gathered with loved ones, dressed to impress, and the champagne is flowing; now it’s time to officially kick the party up a notch with an icy shot of the luxe life! This premium photo booth is loaded with impressive backdrops, an endless sea of hilarious props, and a sleek, classy aesthetic that perfectly complements any big event. Enjoy an exciting range of customization options, unlimited stills, an easily accessible digital gallery, and the expertise of an on-site attendant, as you soak up the excitement of a party you’ll remember forever. Plus, with unlimited photo prints, every moment captured can be treasured forever by you and your guests!

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Glam Booth Experience

Glam Photo Booth

Step into the dazzling realm of GLAMOUR. Whether you're dressed to the nines or keeping it casual, the Glam Booth is here to elevate your event with a touch of Hollywood elegance. Picture yourself against our stunning 8ft high backdrop, surrounded by a collection of glamorous props that will have you feeling like a true celebrity. But here's where the magic truly happens: with our exclusive beauty filter inspired by the iconic Kardashian style, every shot is transformed into a red carpet masterpiece that's sure to turn heads. As always, all photos are easily accessible digitally, but why stop there? With the Glam Booth, you can also opt for instant still prints in just 12 seconds, perfect for capturing those unforgettable moments on-the-go. Who knows? You might just end up with a headshot worthy of your next big role...

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Enclosed Booth Experience

Enclosed Photo Booth

Our modern spin on the timeless photo booth tradition, the Enclosed Booth provides guests with that nostalgic thrill of gathering together with friends, loved ones, and even adventurous strangers for a private session of memory-making. But, we elevate this experience with our signature blend of quirky props, top-notch camera quality, and innovative customization options to inject it with an exciting contemporary twist. Plus, with unlimited prints, every moment captured can be cherished and shared, ensuring that the fun never ends! Transform any event into a memorable occasion where nostalgia meets cutting-edge technology, ensuring your memories last a lifetime. Experience the joy of capturing spontaneous moments in style with our Enclosed Booth, where classic charm meets modern convenience, ensuring your memories last a lifetime.

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Green Screen Photobooth

Green Screen Photo Booth

Welcome to the world of endless possibilities! With our Green Screen photo booth, you're the director of your event's backdrop. Choose from a variety of themes, unleash your creativity, and watch as our advanced technology brings your vision to life. Enjoy unlimited photos, customizable prints, hilarious props, and personalized template options. Plus, before each photo session, select from three digital backdrops to further customize your experience. With an onsite attendant and a digital gallery of all photos taken, your event will be a masterpiece of memories!" Add one more phrase for this text and incorporate it. Embrace the magic of the moment and create lasting memories that reflect your unique style and vision. With our Green Screen photo booth, every snapshot becomes a work of art, capturing the essence of your event in vivid detail.

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360 Photo Booth

360 InLight Booth

Step into a new dimension of event entertainment with the 360 InLight Booth. Immerse yourself in captivating motion as the camera gracefully revolves around you, capturing every angle in a mesmerizing sequence. From weddings to product launches, corporate gatherings to fashion showcases, this innovative setup adds dynamic flair to any occasion. Share your event from every perspective on social media, customize backgrounds for branding, and preserve memorable moments in a unique format. As technology evolves, the 360 InLight Booth is just the beginning of immersive experiences. Embrace your inner superstar and explore limitless creativity with intuitive touch-screen controls. Every shot is a masterpiece in motion, ready to be shared and cherished. Let the 360 InLight Booth elevate your event to new heights of excitement and wonder.

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