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Neon Wedding Sign Ideas For Your Big Day

It’s electric! Cue the classic wedding song….

And now that you have the song stuck in your head, we wanna know if you’ve thought about your wedding signage yet. Because everyone is going “glow” for their wedding signs! 

So why do we care? Um, because they look amazing as a backdrop for our wedding photo booths! And we seriously don’t want you to miss out on this hot trend. 

But in case you need a few more ideas (and reasons) to add this fluorescent element to your big day, read on!

Why You Need a Neon Wedding Sign

Aside from the fact that neon wedding signs are all the rage right now, they’re also extremely personal. And that’s what we always want for our couples. 

Not only do neon wedding signs give off that party-‘til-the-wee-hours of the morn vibe, but they also add a bit of nostalgia and retro fun to a rustic or classic wedding. 

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Neon Wedding Sign Ideas

Obviously, you could showcase your new name in neon lights, and your wedding colors, as guests enter your reception. But did you also think about adding these personal touches to your signage:

1. Your Wedding Hashtag

Get your wedding in front of everyone’s eyeballs with a wedding hashtag, and sign that guests will not overlook. 

Everyone knows weddings are hot zones for photo ops and social shares, adding a hashtag in neon lights will give your wedding the attention it deserves. 

And if you rent our Social Booth, instant sharing is a breeze for your guests. 

2. Short Meaningful Phrases

Do you and your sweetie have a special phrase? Something you call one another? 

Make your neon wedding sign just for you with cute phrases like better together, it was always you, Mr. & Mrs, or you’re my sweetheart.

3. Snippets From Your Vows

Pull from your vows and make it loud and clear that you are in it ‘til death or tell the world that I do.

4. Instructions for Guests

Ok, not commands, because no one wants to be bossed around…but instead, fun words that get the party started like dance, cheers, and celebrate!

5. Meaningful Shapes

Use your neon wedding sign as a photo opp prop for your wedding photo booth! Hearts, bells, birds, or anything else that fits your theme and has meaning for you and your loved one. 

6. Your Names (in different formats)

Scroll your last name, your first name, or your initials in bright humming neon lights to get your guests in the mood for a good ‘ol time celebrating your big day. 

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Location, Location, Location (For Your Neon Sign)

Use your neon sign strategically with well-though-out placements during your wedding and reception. 

Think about using shapes and phrases for your professional photos, above the bar, on a flower wall, or for your photo booth background!

Like we said, we love anything that makes your wedding more personal and meaningful to you. That’s why we jumped on the bandwagon and #heart these neon wedding signs. They add character, nostalgia, and nuance to your wedding. And we love that!

So if you’d like to rent a neon wedding sign, or you’d like one customized for your special day, don’t hesitate to contact us…we’ll be happy to hook you up!