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15 Unique Wedding Photo Booth Props to Delight Your Guests

When you’ve got the right wedding photo booth props on hand, your booth will get nonstop traffic.

Luckily, we’ve taken the guesswork out coming up with your own prop ideas with our high-quality photo booth props. 

But in case you need some photo booth prop inspo, here’s our list of tried-and-true favorites:

1. Top it Off with Hats

No photo booth is complete without zany or classic hats for guests to slip into character (whatever that may be). 

The photo booth prints are supposed to be high quality

2. Gnarly Wigs

Big hair, brightly colored tendrils, or political toupes can get guts busting.

3. Suave Shades

Guests can express attitude or hide their happy-tear-stained cheeks with some classic sunglasses, or Top Gun-style aviators. Badass approved. 

Fun photo booth glasses at a Chicago Party that had a photo booth

4.Significant Signage

Have something you want your guests to say to the world? Have it printed on high-quality signs and we’ll set it aside for easy picking. And when your wedding photo booth pics show up on insta, everyone will get the message. 

Wedding Photo Booth Sign

5. Digital Props 

Digital props are all the rage with our Social Booth. Seamlessly try on a new look, transport to a desert island, or simply add your wedding hashtag to your photo booth pics for easy sharing. 

The Social Booth at a Birthday Party in Chicago

6. Balloons for The Win

We’re not just talking classic balloons…get creative with wedding colors, significant shapes, and wedding-theme friendly balloons. 

7. Celebrity Faces

Do you and your beloved have a fave celebrity or someone you wish was at your wedding? Life-like faces and full cutouts are a great way to incorporate those you only wish would’ve made it to your big day. 

8. Go Big or Go Home

Oversized props are always a hot item for wedding photo booths. Guests gravitate toward these biggies all the time. From outrageously enlarged food to ginormous sunglasses, oversized items are always a winner. 

The fun is guaranteed with some wedding oversized props in Chicago

9. Themed Wedding Photo Booth Props

If you’ve themed your wedding around a rustic, classic, or other themes such as your fave movie, include props that will add to your chosen ambiance. 

Bride and Groom with props

10. Cats

You just can’t go wrong with cats…for some reason. People love oversized cat faces in photo booths. 

Don’t ask, we just take the pictures!

11. Thought Bubbles

Silly phrases on quality wooden cutouts can make for interesting silent conversations between those getting snapped. Think: comic-themed.

12. Bride and Groom faces

You’ll be busy chatting, dancing, and smooching with your sweetie, so you may not have the opportunity to get your picture taken with everyone. 

But if you offer your guests your faces at the photo booth, you’ll show up in more places than you thought possible. 

Cut-out Props with the Bride and Groom Faces are pure fun for any Chicago Wedding

13. Kid-Friendly

Is there a fave new kids movie out? 

Remember when the first Frozen hit the scene? Sheer “Let It Go” chaos at every wedding. 

So let it all go and appease the kiddos with what’s on-trend, because they’ll love your photo booth just as much as the adults at your wedding. 

14. Family Pets

Are your pets a part of the fam? Add life-sized cutouts to your prop box so they’re in attendance as well. 

15. Personalized Messages

We love chalkboards and felt letter boards because it gives guests a chance to write a sweet or snarky message for the happy couple to come across after the wedding.