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5 Wedding Favor Ideas That Your Guests Actually Want

As you plan your big day, you’re putting careful thought into each and every element of your wedding day. And when it comes to wedding favors, you don’t want to give your guests something that ends up in the junk drawer…come on, we know you’re guilty of doing this!

So, instead of boring gifts, give your guests one of the following and ensure they will enjoy their favors for years to come. 


1. Wedding Favor Flower Seeds

If you’re chosen wedding flower is a fairly easy-to-grow plant, give your guests some seeds to grow their own in their gardens. This is a great favor to bring your guests back to your special day through sight and smell. If you’re planning on an abundance of flowers at your wedding, then seeds are a special and thoughtful gift your guests can enjoy for many years (especially if the flower is a perennial).

Wedding photo favors - flowers seed packs

2. Embroidered Handkerchiefs

Your guests will appreciate a personalized, embroidered, hanky on your wedding day. With this special wedding favor will support your guests through their happy tears today, and bring them joy during sorrowful moments for years to come. 

Physical items, like handkerchiefs, that are everyday items will be appreciated for longer than candy, or desserts. Wedding favors and keepsakes are meant to be reminders of your wedding day. 

Wedding embroidered handkerchief are great party favors for weddings

3. Cocktail Shaker Wedding Favor

Anytime your guest is hosting their own guests in the future, and they employ your personalized cocktail shaker, they will think of you. This wedding favor is a classy and elegant idea for the fun-loving couple. 

Wedding favors - cocktail shaker

4. Personalized Can Koozie 

Can Koozies are an inexpensive gift that can display not only your initials as a couple but also a fun phrase and your wedding colors. There’s a lot of room on a can koozie for personalization. If your guests like their beverages ice cold during the hot summer months, can koozies are a no-brainer. 

Wedding favors - personalized can koozies

5. Photo Booth Prints Wedding Favors

Our favorite and most personalized keepsakes are wedding photo booth prints. It doesn’t get more personal than actual photos from your big day. Prints are often immediate and using a photo booth as your wedding favor can give your guests some control over what they take home with them. 

Personalizing your template and backdrop will remind your guests whose wedding they were at when they look at the photos and remember how much fun they had…because your wedding was (will be) epic. 

Adding your wedding date to your photo booth templates, and other physical wedding keepsakes will keep your anniversary front and center year after year. This means your guests will remember to send you well wishes on your anniversary. 

Wedding Photo Booth favors made easy

Whichever wedding favor you choose, you can’t go wrong with personalizing the keepsake with wedding day details. The purpose of a wedding favor is to cement your big day into the minds of your guests for years to come, so they can continue to share in your joy as a couple.