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How to Get the Most Out of Your Photo Booth

You’ve made the wise decision to invest in a photo booth rental for your Chicago area event and you can’t wait to see the collection of guest photos after your event. 

But, how do you make sure your booth gets the attention it deserves at your event? And how can you make the most of out of your time with our photo booths?

Well, don’t fret, because we’ve got all the tricks up our sleeves about what works best!

1. Location Location Location

It’s true when it comes to maximizing the potential of your photo booth, location is everything. If your booth is tucked away in a corner, where no one can see it, it may go unused. 

The attendants at In Light Photo Booths in Chicago know how to set your booth up for you, and they will make sure it’s visible, but not in the way of any main events. When guests enter your venue, for example, your booth will be clearly visible and will definitely be on the list of things to do for your guests once they get a peek at the prop box. 

Tip of the day: Setting up the photo booth in the same room as your guests.

2. Ready, Set, Go!

Timing is extremely important if you want your guests to take advantage of a photo booth. Remember, most rentals are reserved for about 3-4 hours…so make the most of your time with your photo booth by scheduling it during the prime-picture-taking time. 

Usually, this is after guests have has a few drinks, have broken the ice and loosened up a bit. 

Think: wedding cocktail hour. 

3. Shout it Out!

Sometimes all it takes is for one or two outgoing guests to get their photo booth fix, and the rest will follow suit. You can enlist the wedding party to get the party started…erm, that’s their job after all, or if you are hosting a corporate event, for example, see if the event staff will help you out. 

Getting the word out, and having a few “actors” to show the rest of the guests how much fun the booth is, usually works wonders.

If your event has an MC or DJ, calling attention to the photo booth should be on their list of must-dos for your event. Most DJ’s know that there will be a few things they will need to address for the guests, so don’t feel bad asking them to point out your killer photo booth!

4. We’re There For You

And if none of that gets the party started, our attendant knows what to do to make sure your booth is utilized to the fullest. You can rest assured that your booth will be set up in a high-traffic area, and our professional attendants are happy to show off everything our booths can do…so they are irrisible and will not go ignored.