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Plan a Corporate Holiday Party Your Coworkers Want to Attend

So you’ve been asked to plan the corporate holiday party (or Christmas Party) this year. 

But it’s all good…because you’re the one with the solar holiday dancers on your desk and window clings on your computer, so the choice was probably pretty obvious.

If you haven’t started planning, don’t panic because we’ve put a list together of must-dos (and haves) for an epic corporate holiday party.

Ready to get planning?

1. Book the Venue Early or Get the Garage Ready

Booking venues for a corporate holiday party is a lot like booking venues for a wedding…and we should know because we attend them all!Source:

If you’re not quick, popular party dates will be unavailable and if you want your coworkers to feel the holiday cheer, you gotta start finding a venue early…like, early Fall early. 

If you want to stay ahead of the holiday rush, consider booking as early as July to avoid last-minute panic…or the risk of the party being held in your garage. 

So pick your dates early, and have a few backups, just in case. 

2. Corporate Holiday Party Theme Planning

Here’s a tip from the party experts (yeah that’s us, #noshame): not everyone’s as excited about attending work holiday parties as you might be—we can tell, you’re a festive one. 

If you know your coworkers would enjoy a formal atmosphere make sure to oblige them and include the dress code in the invitations. 

Or if you know the crew would love to show off their favorite ugly sweater, sing karaoke, and drink margaritas, let ‘em know in advance what to expect. 

3. Book Hot Vendors Before Someone Else Does

Don’t forget to book the caterer, a florist, DJ, and of course your In Light holiday photo booth. Everyone is going to love our Green Screen Photo Booth and the holiday-themed backdrops that come with it. In fact, guests have loved their photoshoots so much that we’ve seen our photos used as holiday greeting cards the following year!

And if you need a little something extra to get the party started, our Mirror Photo Booth is an interactive, next-level photo booth. It’s done its job as an ice breaker over and over again and it’ll be no different for your holiday office party.

4. Send Invitations and Get a Headcount Early

Now that you’ve crossed your t’s and dotted your i’s, its time to sound the alarm and send the invites. 

Get those invites in employee mailboxes early enough to collect RSVP’s so you can get an early headcount for the festivities.  No one likes a last-minute invitation, so don’t surprise anyone with only a month’s notice. It will sour the mood before the party even starts. 

You can use electronic invites or paper invites—better yet, create a collage from last year’s holiday photo booth session! 

5. Open the Big Red Bag and Give The Gift of Appreciation

Think about what you can give your coworkers to express your appreciation for all the hard work they’ve done over the past year. Small favors or gift cards are perfectly fine. 

If it’s not in the budget to give gifts, no sweat, just a few kind words, and recognition of a job well-done usually does the trick. 

Corporate holiday parties are an excellent time to show your coworkers that you appreciate them and have a little R&R together.  When you put the time and effort into planning your corporate holiday party, they’ll know you care. 

On the day of celebration, the stuffiness of the everyday grind disappears, and it’s time to celebrate the season with your coworkers. So kick back and enjoy some holiday cheer with your team.