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Why You Should Have A Photo Booth At Your Wedding In 2020

Amidst all the hustle and bustle of wedding day planning, there’s one thing that you simply cannot overlook, and that’s the photo booth. 

This booth has become a staple at nearly every wedding. Guests love wedding photos so much that they automatically seek them out at every wedding they attend. 

Of course, you don’t want to disappoint your guests, but in case you need a few other reasons to book your photo booth today, check out these undisputable reasons your wedding needs a one:

1. Wedding Photo Booths Break the Silence (And the Ice)

Lulls during weddings…painful, yet unavoidable. 

Whether it’s during photos or waiting to be motioned to hit up the buffet line, photo booths are the go-to for boring moments during a wedding day.

And the lines for photo booths are long! So guests get to know each other and break the ice while they wait in line and plan their props and poses.The Luxe Photo Booth at a Wedding in Chicago

2. Wedding Favors Made Easy

No more stressing over what to give your guests as a wedding favor…which usually just ends up in the junk drawer collecting dust anyway. 

A photographic momento will stick around forever. So anytime your guests see the pictures in the future, they will be reminded of your wedding day and how much fun they had. 

3. Social Media Ready

Our Social Booth is perfect for those who are hoping to have their wedding day plastered all over social media. 

We get it, and we won’t judge if you want to show off your day. That’s why our Social Booth is insta-ready with the ability to apply filters, create gifs, and boomerangs. 

Go ahead, do a duck face and get to sharing!

4. Photo Booths are Fun for All Ages

We can’t help it, our photo booths and props are irresistible—for everyone! Kids love to get in on the action and goof around with their friends, cousins, and even the bride and groom. 

And don’t forget grandma and grandpa, even they’ll want to strike a pose with the wedding party.A Wedding Photo Booth is FUN for all ages

5. Instant Gratification

Your guests will have their photos immediately after they are taken. 

Because who can wait? 

And if eyes were closed…well, that probably adds to the humor of the picture, but no one will judge you if you request a retake—or 5 just for fun. 

6. Engage Your Guests with Your Wedding Theme

Your prop box can be filled with items that fit your wedding’s theme. Whether your wedding is disco-themed, country-themed, or star wars-themed (yeah we’ve seen it all), your guests can feel like they fit right in with props to fit your wedding. 

7. Never Miss a Memory with Photo Booths

You may not know it yet, but we’ve seen a thing are two and we know the bride and groom are super busy during their wedding. 

Trust us, it’ll be hard for you to get to spend time with everyone like you’d want to. The good news is, photo booths capture the memories you may have missed. There’s nothing better than going through all your photo booth pictures and seeing all your guests celebrating your special day together.

Goofy duck faces, rabbit ears, and all.