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Build Your Restaurant Business with A Photo Booth (Here’s How)

We’re gonna level with you, we don’t like that photo booths have been type-cast as solely wedding entertainment. Because, honestly, they can do so much more than just entertain guests. In fact, hey can also help you build your business with brand awareness and marketing. Yup, a restaurant photo booth can provide both entertainment and marketing opportunities. 

1. Customers Love Restaurant Photo Booths

If your customers are out for date night, bachelorette parties, or family birthdays, a social booth on hand will make your customers smile from ear to ear. Our social photo booth provides instant brag-worthy sharing to your customer’s favorite social media platforms. 

If you’re the restaurant with the quirky photo booth and the goofy props and filters, you’ll stand out from the rest of the options in town…and keep your customers coming back for more. 

People taking photos in front a Social Photo Booth at a Restaurant

2. Keep Your Customers Happy

If your restaurant is already hopping, you may have a wait-time on your hands (it’s a good problem to have). But if you cringe every time you have to tell a customer it’s a 10-minute wait, well, turn that frown upside down. With a social photo booth on hand, the time will fly by for your customers. In fact, instead of turning around and exiting the premises, they have something to do while they wait. 

If your restaurant has a theme, let us know, and we’ll help you with props, digital props, and backgrounds. You never know when a goofy photo among friends will go viral 

3. Brand Awareness Without Lifting a Finger

Aside from the fact that your photo booth will attract returning customers its also an instant marketing machine. When your customers are enjoying a night out on the town, at your establishment, and they share their new snaps on social, their friends and followers will know where it’s at. Get ready for an influx of customers!

Restaurant Photo Booth prints, with the logo of the restaurant

4. Capture Customer Info

Ok, it’s not as sneaky as it sounds, but you can gather info from your customers when they use your photo booth. Think: emails, for example! 

Now your customers will keep you top of mind because you can stay in touch with them. Who doesn’t love knowing about their favorite drink specials at their hotspot? (that’s you by the way)

How it Works

It’s pretty simple, give us a call, or shoot us a message and we’ll hook you up with a one, three, six, or twelve-month installation. If you aren’t sure if a restaurant photo booth is for you, take us up on the one-month installation and give it a whirl. We’re sure your customers will be looking for if its gone after a month, but no worries, we can always bring it back. Oh, and we’ll set it up for you—and your customer will do the rest. Say cheese! (extra please!)